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Vienna, Bratislava and Czech Republic

4 - 5 days
You will have an excellent opportunity to see three beautiful countries of the Central Europe in 5 days. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere of three capitals - two cities on the river Danube and one on the river Vltava. Each of them different but all exceptionally beautiful. Vienna - beautiful heart of Austria, former capital of the expansive Habsburg Empire, where you will feel like a prince or princess. Bratislava - charming and lively capital of Slovakia with many picturesque hidden corners. Prague - the hundred-spired heart of Europe, capital of the Czech Republic, offers history on every step and breathtaking views from every hill. In between the city tours you will explore the beauties of exceptionally well preserved, romantic countryside.
1st DAY

Explore the imposing beauty of VIENNA, elegant palaces and imperial residences, combined with mystical winding little streets. Let yourself be enchanted by one of the most beautiful historical city centers in Europe. A quick transfer onto Ring Avenue, with its majestic and important buildings: Parliament, City Hall, many museums and the State Opera House will make lasting impressions among other jewels in this magnificent capital.

During your first day in Vienna, you’ll discover the old royal palace – Hofburg, the former residence of the Habsburgs. You may admire beautiful gardens, the precious hall of the Austrian national library, and a worldwide unique Spanis Riding School performance of the highbred, lily-white Lipizzaners. A short walk through the historical lanes will bring us to the monumental dominance of Vienna – St. Stephen´s Cathedral. Just a few steps from there, you can also find the famous Opera house, a monumental Renaissance building, which contributes to the fame and importance of the Austrian cultural life. On our first day, we’ll make sure not to miss the baroque palace Belveder, with its beautiful gardens, and the unique piece of modern art – remarkable and colorful Hundertwasserhaus.

In the evening, you can enjoy a typical Vienese dinner accompanied by music, in one of the local countryside wine cellars, with a beautiful view of the endless vineyards.

2nd DAY

In the morning we will take you back to the times of the Habsburg greatest glory. You will visit the monumental summer house of this famous dynasty – the romantic Schönbrunn, with its noble and beautiful interiors, and far-reaching gardens.

In the afternoon, we will start out on a journey by boat: Travel on the river Danube to BRATISLAVA, the capital of Slovakia. Take a walk through the charming historical city center, stopping for a typical Slovakian dinner. In local restaurant, your edible adventures will be accompanied with traditional folklore music, and is a great ending to the day.

3rd DAY

In the morning we will cross the Slovakian border and continue to the most romantic Czech region – SOUTH MORAVIA: With its countless castles, forest-hidden ruins and endless vineyards. This area has an exceptionally good climate for grapevine growing. Wine produced in South Moravia has a great quality, comparable to some of the best wines made in Europe.

We have several options to visit, before we head to the fabled heart of Europe, capital of the Czech Republic – Prague: Would you like to explore more of the old city architecture? A walk through the paved streets of the capital historic center of Moravia – Brno offers travelers a rare and great experience

Are you more interested in nature? Experience an adventurous excursion to the heart of Moravian Karst. You will descend to the bottom of the deepest abyss of its kind in Central Europe and from there, by boat on the little river Punkva, explore the unique stalactite caves.

For history lovers we have a round trip around the former battlefield of the famous Battle of Austerlitz, also known as the Battle of Three Emperors. You will see far-reaching fields of the former battlefield, we will have lunch in a rustic country restaurant, the former headquarters of Marshal Murat, where you can enjoy exciting outdoor activities focused on the historical importance of this place’s past.


4th DAY

On your 4th day, you will get to the last stop of your journey - PRAGUE.

Monumental Prague Castle has always been a symbol of Czech Lands. With an area of almost 70,000 square meters, this extensive complex is said to be the largest castle complex in the world! Explore the beauty of its numerous palaces, churches and gardens, breathtaking views of the city and picturesque nooks.

The noble and romantic Lesser Town will enthrall you! Many aristocrats built their precious palaces directly under the majestic Prague Castle, for both status and protection. One of the most infamous was owned by the controversial figure Albrecht of Wallenstein, whose palace currently serves as a seat of the Czech Senate. You will have to opportunity to relax in the Wallenstein palace gardens, or explore the artificial stalactite cave.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of living Old Town, an attractive mixture of varying architectonical styles and cultures. In the heart of the Old Town lies Old Town Square, featuring the spectacular, six hundred years old astronomical clock. Every full hour the apostles pass, the bell rings and the golden cock crows. Just a few steps from here, you can enter the mystical world of Rabbi Loew, in the Jewish Quarter.


Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia, WienTourismus

Vienna, Bratislava and Czech Republic

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