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Painting on Glass

Do you desire creativity? Accompany us to the GOF-FA Gallery, belonging to Antonín Manto, and situated right next to Old Town Square. Manto is a world-renowned artist, celebrated by dignitaries like Hilary Clinton, and whose porcelain charms guests of the Four Seasons Hotel. Choosing glass as his favorite material to work with, Antonin Manto literally shares his art with his enthusiasts.  

You will be welcomed with a glass of good drink and time to enjoy the gallery, possibly drawing some inspiration from master's work. Each tour participant receives a plate (glass one of course) and painting colors. Unleash your imagination! Your masterpiece will be personally delivered to you, either in the hotel or restaurant, the very next day.  All levels of artists welcome!

Puppet theatre and puppet making

Puppet theatre has fascinated audiences for generations and puppet making belongs to one of the most diligent artistic crafts of the ancient world. With the assistance of a professional puppet-maker, who will reveal the secrets of this traditional Czech handicraft, take the opportunity to make a puppet of your own. The result – a beautiful self-made marionette you can keep as a souvenir for your unforgettable stay in Prague.


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