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Classic Rally in Prague

Would you enjoy discovering the secret corners, while playing an adventurous game in the romantic narrow streets of Old Town? Then, Rally in Prague is the right activity for you!
An invigorating route through Prague will exercise your brain, as you explore many interesting nooks and hidden corners of Prague. With a Roadbook in-hand, you will visit interesting locations in the city, responding to challenging, sneaky and amusing questions, and solving entertaining tasks. Who will be the champion at the Rally’s end? It requires gumption, knowledge and wit!


Photo rally

Photo Rally incorporates the classic tour with a camera-based, questions and answers game format. You will experience the hidden corners of the city as well as most famous sights, solve entertaining tasks – all that behind the lens of a camera.

Rally with historical personalities

Classic Rally can be also upgraded with historical personalities in period costumes: Mozart will wait for you in front of the Estates Theater, mysterious Franz Kafka will surprise you at Old Town Square, and famous emperor-king, Charles IV will welcome you to the Prague Castle…

Rally Trabant

You will experience a thrilling race through the streets of golden Prague, on the wheels of the famous Trabant – a classic car with a two-stroke cycle engine. Each group, consisting of 3 competitors and our driver is equipped with car, city map and a list of instructions. During the competition you can expect amusing, sneaky and other distinctive tasks to complete: Drawing a car, singing a song, pushing a Trabant in neutral, taking pictures of buildings and machines make up a few. In the second part of the rally, you will have a chance to drive a Trabant on your own!

Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia, PRAGINT


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