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Spa Town Karlovy Vary

1 Day
Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) town is one of the three spa towns in West Bohemia that form the “spa triangle,” and it is counted as one of the most famous spa centers in Europe. Founded in the 14th century by the Emperor Charles IV, Karlovy Vary witnessed Beethoven and Goethe’s famed walks together, and was a favorite vacation spot of Frederic Chopin.

The legend says that the Emperor himself discovered the hottest Carlsbad spring while hunting. The spring reaches a temperature of 72 Celsius and height of 12 meters. The other 11 hot springs may be found under the roofs of the historic market, castle, or mill colonnade, at the beautiful and picturesque pedestrian zone. Known as the thirteenth healing spring, a delicious herbal liquor called Becherovka, can be found in most local shops.

After visiting downtown Carlsbad, you will stop at the famous Moser glass factory, known all over the world. Glass from the Moser factory is often called “The glass of kings,” as its fragile beauty decorates tables in the royal palaces of British Queen Elizabeth, Spanish king Juan Carlos, and Japanese Emperor Akihito.
A funicular will take us up the hill, where we will have lunch in a traditional restaurant at the Carlsbad lookout tower.
Photo: Czechtourism

Spa Town Karlovy Vary

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