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Old Town and Jewish Quarter

4,5 Hours
Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of living Old Town, an attractive mixture of varying architectonical styles and cultures. In the heart of the Old Town lies Old Town Square, featuring the spectacular, six hundred years old astronomical clock. Every full hour the apostles pass, the bell rings and the golden cock crows. Just a few steps from here, you can enter the mystical world of Rabbi Loew, in the Jewish Quarter.

The Jewish Town gives Prague a definite part of Czech magic, mystery and myth. Old Jewish legends await you at every corner, while each house hides its own storied past. The Jewish Quarter was completely redeveloped and beautified with stylish Art Nouveau houses from the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, though its spirit has ever been preserved.

Let yourself be taken to some of the oldest synagogues in the world; or the mystical cemetery, one of the largest in the world, which was an inspiration for Umberto Eco. Keep a keen watch and you may possibly witness the famed Golem.

After visiting the synangogues, cemetery and Art Nouveau houses of the Jewish Quarter, you’ll have a chance to discover the noble Municipal House, explore the vibrant Wenceslass Square – centre of  New Town. Royal road will lead us through the picturesque cobblestone lanes to one of the most magical sites in Prague – the Charles Bridge.  From there, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Prague castle panorama.


Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia

Old Town and Jewish Quarter

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