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Prague Castle

4 Hours
Monumental Prague Castle has always been a symbol of Czech Lands. With an area of almost 70,000 square meters, this extensive complex is said to be the largest castle complex in the world! Explore the beauty of its numerous palaces, churches and gardens, breathtaking views of the city and picturesque nooks.

A bus will transport you to one of the seven hills Prague was built on – Hradcany. Our royal tour begins at the serene grounds of the Strahov monastery. Its library with beautiful frescos is the greatest monastic library in the country, holding more than 130 thousands books. A short walk along Loreto (a place of pilgrimage) will lead us to the famous Prague castle. A former seat of kings and princes of the Czech lands, in 1918, it also became a seat of Czech presidents. You will visit the monumental, gothic St. Vitus cathedral with its imposing mosaic above the Golden Gate, and the famous window at the old royal palace: The location where the second Prague defenestration took place, at the beginning of the Thirty Years War.  Next, you’ll discover another jewel of the castle complex – the picturesque Golden lane with colorful tiny houses where you can find many historical exhibits: A film studio, libations pub with medieval kitchen and a house where Franz Kafka used to stay, top the list. The Old Castle Stairs take us to the romantic Lesser Town, encompassed by magnificent, baroque aristocratic palaces and gardens.

Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia

Prague Castle

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