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In the footsteps of Communism

5 Hours
Travel back to the times of the communist regime, and get to know what it was like to live under their oppressive rule. This exclusive tour will take you to the most important sights of the past era, in Prague. During a riding/walking tour, you will get to know stories and important facts about this infamous period of European history.

Our tour will begin at famed Hotel International, the most significant building representing the Socialist Realism style in Prague. The bus will take us then to the park Letná, where a colossal statue of Stalin used to stand. Built in the 1950s, it used to be the biggest group sculpture in Europe at that time.

We will continue to the other bank of the river Vltava, to one of the 7 hills of Prague – Vítkov with its monumental memorial. Originally built to commemorate Czech national heroes, it later served as a warehouse of Wehrmacht during World War II. Later, it was used for Communist propaganda, as a mausoleum of important representatives of the regime. Nowadays, you can visit inside the monument, home to a very interesting exhibition, capturing the important historical moments of the Czechoslovak history, while feeling the imposing interiors of the ceremonial hall or the presidential lounge.

On the way to the second part of our journey, we will make a short stop at another singular piece of socialistic art – The controversial TV Tower, which in the last few years was decorated with climbing babies, created by the famous Czech artist David Černý.

The bus will take you to the top of Wenceslas Square, next to the former seat of The Federal Assembly, which served also as a headquarters of the famous Radio Free Europe: Founded in Munich to inform countries behind the “iron curtain” about the rest of the world.

Travelling down the boardwalk of Wenceslas Square, we will arrive at the Museum of Communism. The museum presents a vivid account of Communism, focusing on Czechoslovakia in general, and on Prague in the particular fields of: Daily life, politics, history, sports, education, art, media propaganda, secret police and others.

Take a nice walk on Nation Street, where the student demonstration in 1989 took place. Our tour concludes at the Memorial of the Victims of Communism, an extraordinary sculpture created by prominent Czech artist Olbram Zoubek.


Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia

In the footsteps of Communism

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