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Modern Architecture

4 Hours
Discover the Manhattan of Prague! Formerly known as the workers' quarter, Karlín has developed into a center of modern architecture. Did you know that in Karlín, you can find the 2011 world's best office building of the year? The Main Point building, which is the only LEED – Platinum Certificate holder in Central and Eastern Europe, is worth the visit.

Explore this masterpiece of modern architecture and learn more about its many innovative details, such as a cooling system using water from the river Vltava. Apart from Main Point, there are many other interesting administrative buildings in this area, such as Danube House and Corso Karlín.

From Main Point, the tour will continue to the Zizkov TV Tower. Adorned with sculptured climbing infants, the Zizkov Tower babies were designed by the famous and very controversial Czech artist David Černý, known also for the Entropa sculpture, designed for Czech EU Presidency and bus doing exercises, which was created for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Prague is home to world known architects, including Vlado Milunić, co-creator of the famous Dancing House. You’ll have an exclusive opportunity to visit him in his Old Town studio, and after the presentation he will take you directly inside his artwork. Milunic’s extraordinary building was inspired by the dancing pair, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. On the terrace you will enjoy the opportunity to relax, with a splendid view of the Prague castle panorama.


Photo: Czechtourism, Fotolia, Main Point

Modern Architecture

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